Hawaii Oct 2003
This was our first of many trips to Hawaii.  Once there and we were
hooked. Hopefully the pictures and stories on this web page will help you
to understand why.
When planning this trip way back in May, things just fell
into place. I found out there was a cme conference on the
big island.  While in Tn on a trip, I called continental
airlines and low and behold they had a frequent flyer seat
available for the exact dates we needed.  Lynn and Tori
were able to join us and away we went.

Our first stop of course was spending the night in
Honolulu.  When we arrived we checked into the
Sheraton on the beach.  We walked down to Dukes to
have our first Mai Tai's. I guess the whole day traveling
had worn us down because boy did we feel the drinks.
We were up early the next day and hit the beach. After, we checked out of the hotel and drove
part way around Oahu. We found L&L the Hawaiian BBQ place with mixed plates.  Yummy.   We
spent some time at Kailua  beach and then headed to the airport for our Flight to Kona.
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