D.O.B. Sept 10, 2007

adopted at 9 weeks on Nov 14, 2007

Breed: Toy Fox Terrier

weight: 4.4 lbs (Nov 9)
The Toy Fox Terrier is often recognized as an intelligent, bold and athletic dog. Although lithe, they are hardy and
well balanced. Toy Fox Terriers love human company. Toy Fox Terriers are easily trained. A related breed is the
Miniature Fox Terrier, which was developed along similar lines in Australia.

Toy Fox Terriers, like many active and intelligent breeds, can learn to respond to a number of words. Toy Fox
Terriers were used commonly in circus shows by clowns, and they are said to make great companions for owners
with a good sense of humor[citation needed]. They are also, in general, not as active as the Jack Russell Terrier
and are well suited for older owners. They are extremely trainable and are cited as making a wonderful
companion for people with disabilities.
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