Arches and
Rocky mountain National Parks.
Sept 2005
SEE arches and the hike to delicate arch here
See Pictures of Elk and Estes park area click here.
See the drive through Rocky mountain national
park along trail ridge road click here
See pictures of the emerald lake HIKE CLICK HERE
Over labor day weekend of 2005, we did this road trip. It was the same
weekend as hurricane Katrina.  Gas prices spiked to $3.75. We flew into
Salt Lake city after work on Friday.  Drove a few hours south and
stayed in a motel a few hours from Arches National Park.  The next
morning we headed to Moab Utah to explore Arches.
One or the priorities on this part of the trip was to hike to the
delicate arch. The hike had an elevation gain of 800feet, at
4,840 Feet elevation.  The problem is there is NO SHADE and
the hot dessert sun reflects of the rocks. This was the first
hike that I was afraid I may have had heat stroke. It was hot
and I hot cold. Even with plenty of water.
John And Chris
John And Lynn along the Colorado River
We woke up the next morning and started our Long...Long Drive across Colorado to Rocky
Mountain National Park.  We entered though the western entrance and traveled to the west
entrance At Estes Park. The road has an elevation of over 12000 feet.
The next morning we Hiked to Emerald Lake.  It was a pretty
easy trail except for the high elevation. Beautiful scenery
We spent another night in Estes Park before diving back to Salt lake via Wyoming to catch a
red eye flight home.  The Elk rut was on in the park that night see the pictures below.
We stayed at the
Mountain Sage Inn...Highly recommended in Estes park.