weekend  June 18 2011
After the cancellation of the show in CT we knew we had to see the Gogos some where.
Kettering Ohio was the next closest venue. So Sat am we hopped in the car and made the
almost 1200 RT ride. It was well worth the time and effort.

I was kind of undecided on how to do this page. There we so many great pictures I did not
know how I could show case the best. Well here is what I came up with....
The girls were so warm, friendly and receptive. We were asked to only have one thing signed.
Gina saw Chris holding my house of schock CD. She immediately asked to sign it. She signed it
to him but I have another copy if ever get the chance again. We had stuff for every one else to
sign, and I am sure they would have but did not want to be pushy.  I got to have a very cool
conversation with Jane.
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Some video from this show:
Fading fast.
Head over heels
Lust to love full version same show not by me
cool places again not mine...but enjoy
Go-Go's performing "Mad About You in Kettering, OH
Remember this,,,,,,
The Go-Go's provide the music for a Jello Commercial - Wiggle Room
Beauty and the Beat. 2011 reissue on
pink vinyl
The Go-go´s in the Drew Carey Show
Superbowl commercial for Bugle Boy Jeans from the early 90's
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Blast from the past SHERKSTON BEACH