HAWAII fall 2006
The year of the big shake!!!!!!!
This trip to Hawaii was full of unusual adventures.  The main purpose
of the trip was to attend the annual seminar, this year on the big
Island. After that was a very cheap Hawaiian island cruise( wish they
still were this cheap)  For kicks this year we had our friend Julie and
her son accompany us for the first week.

We left Buffalo just in time. Later that day flights were cancelled and
the city was crippled for days by a freak early October snow storm.  I
will try and chronicle the trip as it unfolded.
OCT 12, 2006  Arrive Honolulu
John and Chris with there traditional
First night in Hawaii crab legs.
The gang with topical itches at dukes
canoe club
Pool side hula
OCT 13  some beach time on Oahu
Later the day we Flew to Kona on the big Island. Only to be
greeted by a waterspout. An omen of our trip
Oct 14 Saturday   We just enjoyed the surrounding of our rental house, pool, spa and hit a few
Oct 15 Sunday.  While Chris and I were having coffee out on the pool
portion of the deck, we heard this unusual noise in the distance. It quickly  
grew louder and the earth began to shake. The earthquake was here.  Julie
and Taylor were still in the house. They quickly got out side.  This was
pretty much then end of Julies trip as she was so traumatized that she did
not enjoy much else for the remaining part of the trip

For detailed info on this 6.7 magnitude quake
click here
Chris and I said screw it we are not wasting a day and headed to the beach
SEE some of the damage from the quake HERE