Sept 4-12, 2010
Thanks to our friend Sandy we stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for our first night when
we arrived in Honolulu. We were upgraded to a suite.  I don't know that I would pay to stay
there but the view were awesome.  I am kinda over Honolulu and can skip it if at all
possible, but it is beautiful in its own way.
Next day we were off to Maui.  We arrived on time only to find out that the Alamo
agency was out of cars and it would be at least an hour wait.  We only had an hour
to get to costco and shop plus they were closed Monday due to Labor day.  Well
Chris worked his magic, they had some one drive us to Costco  and back while
we waited for our car.  They then upgraded us to a larger car!
We had some of the calmest water, and uncrowded beaches ever in
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