Fall Trip 2001 to the Great Smoky Mountains National park
This trip took place over Columbus day
weekend. We  drove to Tn.  We left on a
Friday afternoon and arrived in Sat.  We
over nighted in  a hotel in Virginia.

WE camped in a one room camping cabin,
in the little river camp ground in
Townsend TN.  The cabin was right on the
river.  It was wonderful for camp fires on
the cool evenings.  We arrived home on
Tuesday evening.  This was amazing in
itself, considering the amount of tequilla
consumed the night before.

On this trip we had the pleasure of being
joined by Lynn and Rosie.

The fall bear viewing was unbelievable!!!!
Click on images to see a larger view
This first group of pictures are all
from the first morning alone.   As we
were traveling through Cades Cove.
(very light traffic since it was just
past 9/11).

This was a mother bear with 4 cubs,
we watched here for quite a long time
as she and her cubs ate there way
through an oak tree.  Then she made
a noise and all the cubs found an
area to sleep in.  They stayed there
for a very long time.  When we left
they were fast asleep.

We also observed a few male cubs on
the ground in the general vicinity.

There was the occasional single bear
in a tree as well.

The next morning in Cades cove was clear and frosty.  The
bear viewing was once again spectacular
Later that afternoon we took the 11 mile bike loop. Once again traffic was light, so competition
with cars was not to bad,   We did also get a chance to see some wildlife.  The day was sunny and
cool, so it made for a very enjoyable time.
River otters Abrahms ceek
New found gap
Indian flats falls NC
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Then in the  afternoon we took a ride to the Deep Creek part of
the park  on the NC side.  We did A light hike over there.
Two Bucks
Laural Falls