Montana/ Wyoming
Oct 1999
We took this trip as a long weekend (over Columbus day) in October 1999.  It was one of
the few times we were able to directly fly to where we wanted to go in Montana, Bosman.
We left on a Friday after noon only to get help up in Minneapolis having to stay the night.
We arrived very early Sat am so we did not actually lose that much time.   Previous to our
arrival the weather had been very cold with some snow.  Luckily when we arrived it was
warm and sunny with crisp cool night.  It allowed us to power site see. Since it was
considered off season there were not many other visitors around.  

We cover many sites of Yellowstone and Grand Teton. I have divided the site in to sections
to help keep things some what organized.   We stated in the town of Gardener Montana.   
For those of you who know us well this is where we bought our first
BEAR FOOT figure.
Church in Big Sky Montana
Scenery of Yellowstone National park
Wildlife or Yellowstone National park
Thermal features or Yellowstone
National park
Grand Teton National park