Feb 2004
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In Feb 2004 we had the chance to travel to Maui.  We stayed in
the pineapple studio, which was a nice efficiency condo.  We
have stayed there a  few other times since.  It has a nice
secluded yard with a real tropical feel.
The weather was a  bit cloudy but
warm for most of the trip, but is sure
beats Rochester NY in Feb. It was a
good time to go because Humpback
whale season was going strong.  You
could sit on almost any beach and
watch the whales breach.  We did do
a whale watch with the pacific whale
foundation. We saw tons of whales.
Photos were difficult to get because of
the cloudy conditions, rough seas and
fast action.
We drove around the entire island. Even some places that
rental cars are not supposed to go.  The Hanna high way was
also very cool, but the Back side or the west Maui mountains
were more spectacular.
The trip was well worth it. When we returned home we found
that we had so much snow that our garage had collapsed.