Who we are
We have been know by some as the travel buddies. I thought that would be a good name to use.   
We are basically just trying to enjoy life to the fullest, trying to take in as much as we can.
We usually do most of our traveling with out best friend Lynn.

  • John  is a podiatrist and  a wanna be photographer.
  • Chris  is currently in the restaurant business
  • Lynn Honorary  member....RN  extraordinary
  • Allie toy fox terrier. Loves care rides.
  • Gracie. Chocolate Lab. Simply Crazy
  • Emma Lu (member emeritus) The bestest Labrador retriever there was.  Went on most car
    trips, esp camping. We miss her dearly.   
We are lucky enough to be joined on many adventures by our good friends.  
We live in Rochester NY.  This is not the most exciting place to live but we call it home.
  We have been here since 1993.    Summers are short, winters long not many scenic
wonders,  so..... This lends it self for a need to travel.